Welcome To Prom Planner

Hello, and thanks for stopping by. As it states all over the site, this is the all-new Prom Planner, the new digital platform for organizing your Prom. Our mission is simple…we are going to produce digital tools that will help your Prom Committee stay organized and focused on the task at hand…producing a better Prom!

Operationally, the platform has been conceived and designed by Jordan St Jacques of Digitera, and has been actually coded by high school students that are part of the Genesis Labs high school co-op program. As well, we have an Advisory Board consisting of both industry experts and also education staff at the Administrative level. We’re doing things properly, and are covering all bases accordingly.

Stay tuned with us as we continue to expand and improve our best-in-class platform, and feel free to make suggestions at anytime. Your feedback makes us better!

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