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We’re on a mission to help Prom Committees better organize their Proms.

Welcome to the website for Prom Planner, the new name in digital Prom organization. Our mission is simple…to enable Prom Committees to save time & energy in the previously disorganized task of keeping your Prom organized! From tracking Attendees and their Ticket Status all the way to who they’re sitting with, to keeping students informed, and to keeping all stakeholders properly updated (including Administration), Prom Planner has something for everyone.

Prom Planner is truly a high-school oriented platform. It was (and still is) coded by the co-op students within the Genesis Labs program, with advice from many students and teachers across North America and overseen by Jordan St Jacques, the Founder of Digitera (and a former Prom DJ back in the day).


The product


Prom Planner is designed to be an organizational tool for Prom Committees all over the world. No longer to you have to suffer with spreadsheets and paper, Prom Planner gives you a state-of-the-art digital platform in which to keep all your Prom Committee activities organized, so that your schools big events run that much more smoothly.

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